Home is where the heart is…

What I have come to learn about home is that it’s more about the people you are with than a place, or building. This was something I learned throughout my experiences of leaving my childhood home at the age of 15.I was born and raised on Long Island, then went to boarding school and off to college in North Carolina. I have felt like these different places became home to me. I loved growing up in New York, and also grew to love the southern culture.  It was about the people that I met, and were able to call family. The people that I could rejoice with over happy things, and people I could turn to when life threw you something challenging or unexpected. When I was sixteen years old I travelled to Ghana for the first time with my father Steve. I felt an instant connection to this place and the Ghanaian people. I would go on to travel back and forth from my time off school and Ghana felt like home. I started a non profit organization called Project Nyame Nsa which I will write more about in my next post. Over time Ghana has felt like home to me. Now that I have graduated I am moving there in two short weeks! Let the packing and preparing begin…DSC00084

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