Monday’s post

“Prayer can never be in excess.” C. H. Spurgeon


When I leave for Ghana in six days my life is going to forever change, in fact there is no way that my life will ever be normal again. And I am so excited for that. That being said there are a million things that I need to do leading up to Sunday. I just closed one great chapter of my life leaving UNC, and now I am preparing myself for a very different one.

A chapter that has been anticipated for what feels like my life…

A chapter that unfolds in six short days…

A chapter that requires less of my ability and all of His, a chapter that is in need of constant prayer for every decision small or large, health and protection.

This post may have been short but I just felt the Lord put prayer on my heart. To be in constant prayer this week for all that is coming up.

So if you could join me in prayer and cover this trip because that is one of the most powerful things we have. So I thank you in advance for supporting this project by your prayers which is more valuable than anything else.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Mark 11:24

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