1 hour till takeoff 

Today is the day.. I have a feeling I will be using this phrase a lot in the next month or two during my move to Ghana. I have been dreaming of this moment for what feels like a lifetime. After years of waiting, it is here and it feels surreal.










There aren’t words that seem adequate to describe how I’m feeling with an hour before our flight. July 2010 was the first time I ever flew to Africa with my dad. And here we are sitting here six years later! These past 6 years have brought so much change for me as a person, an organization was created, I would go on to graduate high school and college, money was raised, lives are being transformed and God is being glorified through it all. If someone were to tell me what these past six years would have brought before I boarded that first flight to Accra, Ghana I would have merely laughed.

But that is how God works. If God were to lay out your five year plan, we would get so incredibly overwhelmed, and we would be worrying about the bigger picture. God wants us to fully trust him, with the small decisions so that he can lead us into something bigger and better for our lives. My first step was saying yes to go, and then allowing myself to be humbled before God as I was so exposed to devastation, and poverty that overwhelmed me.Yet God and his faithfulness in the desires of my heart had overwhelmed me more, so that I wasn’t looking at a dead end, but entering into his call for my life to be a light and show love with everyone that I have met. So often people would ask me
“are you scared” 

“what if you get sick”

“how could you not be afraid” 

before leaving the states. My response… I have perfect peace, not from myself from God the creator of this earth. He has created me with a purpose and this is what I love most, something that I could never imagine straying away from. Something I could never turn my back on. So my answer is no, I am not scared, afraid or nervous because the creator of this world created me for this very reason, and God would never call me to do something that he would not equip me for.

1 hour until my flight departs, let’s hope my mind doesn’t race during this ten hour flight about the children I will be meeting tomorrow for the very first time…

The children who are moving into the Orphanage tomorrow, the children who have had no love, family for their entire life.

After tomorrow that will all change, and they will have a family because God has not forgotten them he has chosen them for a much greater destiny! So please keep tomorrow in your prayers that these children will not feel overwhelmed or nervous moving into their first home, that God would comfort them and give them joy and peace that any traumatic situation they’ve been through is gone now. Because they are safe, and they are coming home.

I can’t believe I am finally saying it…but from here on out I am GHANA BOUND!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
John 14:18

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