The best investment you can make…

During the dedication week which I will be posting about later this week Terry Meeuwsen our partner and founder of Orphan’s Promise made a comment that will never leave me.

It’s not enough to make a lot of money, it’s not enough to live in big houses. You want to make your mark on the world. And I admire that, that is a God call on your life.

The world will have loud voices that will try to deter you from that, don’t listen.

Because the only game in town that matters, is the game that touches lives. You see none of the things we have not our clothing, not our houses, not our possessions  we don’t get to take any of it with us. There’s only thing we get to take, other people. So you have opportunity to invest in something of eternal significance. Not everybody gets that.

It’s simple but has the ability to make an extraordinary impact on this world. Each person has the ability to change generations. It’s about seeing investment in a new light, and uncovering the God call on your life. I have seen these children open up in the past two weeks. Their frowns have turned to smiles, with the most beautiful sounding laughter.I have seen them act like kids again. Investing in others is the most valuable thing a person can do, because in the end that is what matters, that is what has eternal significance. Think about this, in the end, you will leave the world as you came. Alone, what on earth that you have made or earned can you take with you? None of it. Just like Terry said, the only thing you get to take with you is other people so think about the opportunity to invest in something that truly matters. Don’t listen to the world and what it tells you is important or meaningful, listen to God and don’t be afraid to be set apart.


Cutting the ribbon with Terry Meeuswen a beautiful, loving and wise women of God.

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