How He loves us


It’s a Friday night and I am in awe of God. Every Friday night we gather in our Arise Chapel and we just worship and pray to God. It is nothing extravagant, it is simple. Yet it is the most powerful thing we as Christians can do. Watching the children pray has inspired me, I surely didn’t pray as powerfully as they are learning to pray and it is only our first month since we have opened.

Tonight as the worship music played, the lights were shut off, we find time to walk in circles on the inside of our church and just mediate on the lyrics of the songs. We are able to have our quiet time and just be still before the Lord. However that looks like for the kids, whether it is singing with your hands in the air, laying on the floor, bowing on your knees, or just walking hand in hand around our church.

I look down at some of the children holding me tight around my waist, then I feel a warm grip around my shoulder, and my hands are being spilt between multiple children as we walk around the church. We walk silently some of us singing, some of us praying, around this space we call home to the most high God. As we complete each lap around the church I feel God pulling me to lay hands on certain children, He gives me words to speak to them, and I go as He directs. Tonight was a powerful prayer night, the children laid hands upon me, and prayed for me, I watched them and saw powerful leaders, future pastors, scholars and athletes, I spoke to some and told them that they will return when they grow up and they will have the chance to tell the new children that they were the first 22 that arrived, and that this was the exact place where they met God. This is the exact place where their lives were forever changed.

It is so hard to fully describe what these Friday nights mean to me, or how powerfully God is moving among these children. The holy spirit is so much upon them. The change in this one month has been incredible so much so that thinking back to the dedication you’d think they were different children. As I laid hands upon each child, having the chance to look them in the eye and tell them that I had been praying for them since I was 9, now at 22 I am with these children.

I am in the perfect will of God, the perfect call for my life, and I am so humbled to see how God has not only answered my prayers, but given me much more than I could ever have imagined for these children. Wrapped up in each others arms, praying listening to the music and walking around I know that these kids have easily become a part of me, as I have with them. They are so deeply instilled into the deepest part of my heart, even before I knew their names, even before Project Nyame Nsa became, God had given me such a love for them and now knowing them leaves me speechless.I I know I say this all the time but not even words could bring justice to my love for these children. They have each a big and different place in my heart, as I could understand how parents have such different loves for their children. These kids mean the world to me and they mean even more so to God, so much so that he called their names upon the millions of children in Ghana and brought them to this place at this time for a mighty reason. Nights like tonight remind me of God’s love, how much he loves us. This was something he put on my heart for most of our kids here, that they would know how worthy they are of His perfect love. Not only experiencing but being in God’s presence tonight was the highlight of my week, as these Friday nights always are.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

3 thoughts on “How He loves us

  1. Devon! This is the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever heard of! It’s Ephesians 3:20, the Lord doing more than we can think or imagine! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I can just see you now walking around that Beautiful chapel. I so wish I was with you! I am going now to read this to my children. Please let the children know that we love them and we miss them and we are praying for them daily! Thank you so much for being faithful to your calling and inviting us to partner with you . The Knuckles Family LOVES you!!!


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