Love is a choice…

What is the truest definition of love? The best explanation? The reason behind why we love? How we love? Do we love? To the best of our ability? 

Just remember that love is a choice. No one can make it for you, no one can push you to do it. It is a choice that starts in the heart. Love is more about an action than a feeling. Love is a commitment to care for someone in good times and in bad, and to promise not to leave them. Love is sticking it out in the bad times, even when you don’t see any reasonable outcome. So often we tell people we have unconditional love for them, but the truth is, we haven’t experienced or even known true unconditional love. We know how to love because we were loved by Him, first.

Love is not something that we created, or invented, it is all about Him showing us the most perfect love. To love and care for these children might look easy from an onlookers view, or to someone who came and visited. When they see a cute Facebook post or Instagram photo. They see happy smiles or candid moments and want to believe that everything is perfect, and they see this love to be easy. What you don’t see is all the tears, the hardships, the hours put in to discipline these children with love, the times they don’t want to believe that they are deserving to be loved, because they themselves have never been loved. It is a choice that I have made. From the day that I have met them. The most beautiful thing about this love for my kids is that love grows, and it grows stronger, and deeper. The love I have for them is like a mothering love, some call me mom. It is amazing how naturally it can come, and how I myself appreciate my mother even more so because I am starting to see from the other perspective and it is far from easy, but it is completely and totally worth laying down your wants, needs and desires for. To simply show love, and to change hearts so that they too can experience the goodness of His love.

Love is a beautiful thing, imagine if we all could just show love, and not just think about ourselves. This world would be a beautiful place. It’s not a simple answer, or a quick fix but it is something worth investing your life in.

Because how can you choose love if you yourself have never experienced it?

2 thoughts on “Love is a choice…

  1. “We know how to love because we were loved by Him, first.”

    This is so simply but profound, it’s great how you are able to emulate this love everyday in Ghana!


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