Not sure how this happened…

I just spoke to my mom on the phone tonight. (Thank you God for good wifi tonight.) I needed to hear her voice and share with her the many joys of today. Thank you again God. We had the chance to visit another children’s home and it really made my day so special. We met the most precious, sweet children and one especially touched my heart. A young boy named John. I hope to be visiting him again soon, and sharing that experience with you.

Before I hung up my mom had asked me about my blog, and asking me if I had time to post more often since she was enjoying reading it. The truth is, I love writing, but my time here seems so limited, and my days seem so full. I can never even sit down and finish a cup of coffee or tea before running out the door before 6:30 am, sometimes even earlier.  Sometimes these days can be 13-15 hours from the time you wake up to truly rest and go to sleep. I can say I have fully learned how to feel tired every day without anyone knowing it;) and still have the energy to move around with the kids ( THANK YOU GOD) The truth is the first couple of months here my health was really bad. But that too has passed and with surviving two hospital visits I can say that God is good and God is in control. Of everything, especially here at PNN.

When thinking about what my mom had said I had recently wrote a blog post, but never published it. It was a little deeper and honest. Truly honest with sharing my emotions and my mood at that very time. Writing is a beautiful thing to release emotions, share memories and to record history that you can one day look back on to remember the small details of life that make it so beautiful. My last post was on September 30, and it is now October 21st. I honestly





the time has gone.

I need to blog more. Seriously.

It really goes by too fast, these moments with my kids have really flown by. I can’t believe I have been in Ghana for four








months. And I can’t wait for what is next in store for us these next couple of months. The truth is it hasn’t been easy, this is very difficult work. In fact it is work people actually will avoid and stay far away from. It can be very messy work. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I would never desire to do anything apart from this “work”. From this life God himself has called me to live. This life that I wake up in the morning and think “I am finally in the place my heart has longed to be since I was a child.”And I kind of feel so humble that God would call me, even on my bad days where I question that, wondering why me, and then Him showing me exactly why through speaking to me in visions, dreams and His Word. If I could blog about what God has shown me for this organization these past four months I would, but I want to keep these things private. I have journaled them and dated them and surely these visions and dreams will come to pass. There is SO. MUCH. in store for PNN.

This is truly the beginning of a wonderful, beautiful, God filled adventure. And the best part it is just beginning. I can’t wait to look back a year from now. Or look back in six months from now. We have a lot planned and it is going to be awesome.

Well… back to this thing I call “work.”Work that has taught me more about myself than I think I learned through my college career. Work that stretches you and your patience. I even told my mom how patient I have become working with kids all day and their moods, emotions, and all that. She told me this.

God will always equip you for the work he has called you to do.

It is simple, and it is true. It is not always simple to believe or see, especially when your biggest opponent is discouragement, and feeling weak, disable and far removed. But through those moments (and I am sure they will come again) I see how God’s hand is so upon my life and my children’s lives here at PNN. We are walking with Christ everyday and he is so with us, even when we can’t see or feel it. God will equip, God has never failed me.

He hasn’t failed me yesterday, he hasn’t failed me today so I can confidently say he will NOT fail me tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, I hope to be blogging and sharing about mine:)

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5 thoughts on “Not sure how this happened…

  1. Hi Dev,
    It is so evident that the Lord is at work within you and through you. I am so proud of how you are pressing through the difficulty to grab hold of the miracles of healing and change occurring all around you!! Some people never learn that! Press on! The best is yet to come!
    Bless you,


  2. Dearest Devon,
    Jerry & I pray for you daily. You are an amazing women!! If I didn’t know u personally I would think this journey and your feelings were fiction. But knowing you I know it is real!! God is using you to the utmost. What a blessing you are, you are amazing and inspiring. Thank Mom for sharing this blog with all of us. We love you and miss you, your faith and trust will see you to the end of this beautiful journey.
    With love


  3. The Lord is truly your shepherd… He’ll watch over you…. He doesn’t sleep nor slumber… He still has the bigger picture… He’s the Alpha and Omega… He’s our Jehovah Elshadai. Shalom!


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