The Honest Truth…

she will not fail

Here is the post I mentioned in my previous post that I never published…. well until now that is. Just read the other first if you haven’t… it will make more sense. And you will see how God is working in my life… and How he is ABLE in all situations… No matter where you are, how far from home you are, or what you are feeling. He is working for you, and He is with you, always. 2 blog posts in 1 night! All for my mommy, I miss you deeply!

Click here to read the post before this post 😉

Sometimes the hardest things in life aren’t things.

They aren’t your surroundings

or your situation

or your health.

It can be the fight you have deep within yourself.

Sometimes doing God’s work and living out such a strong calling is the hardest part of it all. It isn’t the hardest of days, or the most challenging of situations. The hardest part of all of it is the fight you have within yourself and that is the honest truth. I was fearful of being truthful with the fight in my own heart. The fight of accepting a new life, without forgetting or leaving behind the other side of my life. I never had a clear image of what my life would really look like in Ghana, and then walking directly into this new chapter has been the most amazing, glorious yet challenging time of my life. This only makes me stronger in myself, and stronger in my God. Because I have to rely on him, even when I can feel hopeless, discouraged or far from home. The beauty of doing God’s work and looking like you have it all figured out is not knowing what the next day can bring.

Therefore, all you have is God.

Your internet, phone or power isn’t guaranteed, you can’t just pick up the phone and call home, you can’t express to the kids you work with everyday that you miss home and think about  all the things that you “left behind” for a life that seemed so unfamiliar, more like moving to another planet than across the ocean. When you read about these amazing stories, books, blogs or articles, no one wants to talk about the times you feel discouraged or sick, lonely or isolated, they only talk about how easy and amazing it all is. Maybe that’s a reason I wasn’t posting as much. I didn’t want anyone to think it could ever be hard. Then I was realizing I wasn’t being honest, and who then could relate or identify with doing God’s work if it is all presented to be easy, that nothing ever goes wrong.

Who would want to take up the work if they can’t relate to it? I know I wouldn’t. We all have these feelings in life, and reading about something that seems so perfect is something that could make someone feel isolated or something they couldn’t ever engage in. In fact doing God’s work you can be a target for plans and schemes of the enemy, even more so. That is why you have to cover everything in prayer.Don’t get me wrong this is the most amazing thing ever in my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. God has me exactly where he wants me, in fact I am right in the palm of his hands  no-one or nothing can remove me from this place. I find comfort knowing that. I also thank God that I had such a strong family and home that I can think about so much. Then I see the faces of our children here, and see the way they have bonded and connected with their new home, and I know this one thing. This one honest truth that keeps me going. Everyday.

God has me exactly where he wants me, in fact I am right in the palm of his hands. No-one or nothing can remove me from this place, as hard as it seems. 

I am his. And I am never alone in this work. My God who started something will surely finish it. In fact He will grow it, expand it, multiple it more than our human minds could ever comprehend. And that is exactly what he is doing. 

Stay Tuned:)

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