Coming home… surprise!

Surprise for the next month “Devon in Africa” will be “Devon in America”



With that being said it was not an easy decision to make, the week leading up to the flight I would go back and forth in my head and weigh the pros and cons and leaving vs staying. I was praying about it and would ask God to make it so clear, and to give me peace in the decision that I was making. I came across another blog and read about this girl who traveled back home after months away on… Halloween….

The day my flight was booked, and the day I would be arriving in New York. I took it as a sign and began to get excited about returning to my first true “home” when I stumbled across this


I have this saying on a small canvas right outside my bedroom in Ghana. I really read it and thought to myself this is completely true, and totally false all at the same time. (Just my opinion) This is how it is both true and false all at the same time..

  1. I followed the desire that God put in my heart to go to Ghana (so yes I went with all my heart in that decision)
  2. It would be impossible to take back the piece of my heart that belongs in New York, and North Carolina
  3. So, when I am here half my heart will be in Africa, and while I am in Africa pieces of my heart will belong here!
  4. So there you have it

(Now back to this surprise thing) This was a complete surprise to my whole family (except my dad) who got me from the airport and took me right home on Halloween to surprise my sister and mom! We got an awesome video of my moms face when she opened the door and saw me sitting down… It was amazing.

I have been sorting through so many emotions, flying back on the plane I actually could not believe I was going back to America. I felt like a stranger returning to my own country. All the differences tip the scale, because commonalities are so few. It’s hard to describe what it felt like knowing four months ago I stepped on that plane committing my life to this country I have come to love, have come to see and call home to return to the other side of my life. The hot days, the nights walking barefoot in our chapel praying to God, the place that you see so much poverty, but feel so close to God, as if you could taste heaven’s goodness, but see all of the problems of the world at the same time.

Everything feels different, feels new, I almost feel like I am a tourist or visitor experiencing all these wonderful things back in America, something as simple as blow drying my hair, having a day without the power going out, running out for a cup of coffee or just taking a hot shower (I have missed hot running water)

But besides all of this I think about all of the changes that have occurred these past four months, with what God has done in my own heart, and in PNN and with our children seeing the healings, restoration, and life He has instilled back into their minds and hearts. It has been far from easy, it has been a long road, it has been a short road, there have been amazing moments and really hard and devastating ones. But for the next few weeks I am home.

I didn’t cry leaving, I started to get emotional on the flight as we were taking off wondering if I was making the right choice to visit home. Then when I was walking through customs I started to cry because it was so real and it felt so overwhelming to be home again. Because it had felt like so long since I was back. I can tell you I am enjoying it more than you can imagine, being with my family, having some down time doing PNN stuff and having time to journal and truly reflect on what God has been doing, and stepping back to be able to see it all. God is good and He is faithful, He is with us always even when we are searching, He is right there.

For now I just got back from Boston after I surprised my brother to visit him at school. This was one of the biggest motivations to push me to book this flight home. I think we really really surprised him!

I’m missing Ghana and the kids, I get daily updates and photos of what’s going on, happening, changing the good and bad and seriously missing them! I’ll be doing some reflection posts, another Life Lately part 2, (if you missed part one click here) talk about being home and what I’ve been up too, and maybe even start posting about fashion because that is a interest and passion of mine as well:) I mean who doesn’t love fall fashion, or who has missed it as much as me?

Thank you for stopping by, hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall (COLD) weather as much as I am!

Cheers from my coffee to yours 🙂

Ciao for now

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