14 picks from my closet for fall this season



(Yes I just went there)

Take a girl who loves seasons away for a bit and it kinda results in this upon my return…


Not to say I haven’t been enjoying endless, humid, summer weather in Ghana 😉 But man does it feel good to wear a coat, and feel a little bit cold 😉

So this post is going to be different than other posts that I typically do. This is strictly just a fashion inspiration post for the fall season. I am just sharing my favorite fall accessories and clothing items now that I am back! All of these items were photographed by me with my help of my sister, direct from my closet to your screen! Let me know what you think in the down comments below 🙂

1. High Waisted Jean skirt, this is a timeless skirt that you can wear from spring until fall depending on what you pair it with.
2. Something floral something about florals in the fall is so much fun. I love this bodysuit because its soft, comfortable and in the perfect fall shade of burgundy
3.Something fringe simply because fringe is fun whether its a cross body bag, a pair or boots or wedges
4. Top Hat I’m a hat person so I am always looking for reasons and seasons to wear these babies 😉 one of my fav looks
5. Something shiny This dress is the color of a penny and so cute and fun for the fall and any upcoming holiday parties, I really love this dress
6.Round sun glasses these are perfect for any fall look, an oversized sweater, or a leather jacket they go with every look. I got these at Urban outfitters recently click here if you want them too!
7. Lace up sweater another one of my fav looks this fall, it’s comfortable but can be dressed up or down so easily. I saw this in a window in Boston and decided to check it out and ended up walking out with it:)
8. Knit Beanie this is pretty self explanatory, we all need a beanie in our lives
9.Choker I also found this in Boston this past weekend and really loved it and got it at Free People to see it click here
10. Grey Boots love grey boots, we all need a perfect neutral color 🙂
11. Dark Polish featured colors are Wicked and Lollipop and  I think I have worn Wicked every fall since middle school to get them click here (not featured) is Malaga Wine by OPI which is another great fall shade
12. Something velvet I cam home and quickly realized velvet is a thing, so there you go 😉
13. Something pumpkin 🙂 I mean it is really fall if you haven”t had something I mean EVERYTHING pumpkin flavored
14.Daily Devotions  This is something you can use all year not just in the fall. I love this one because they are normally short if you don’t have time, and go by the day so you can start whenever you want. I got this one before I left at Barnes an Noble click here if you want to make a perfect and most important addition to your daily routine. This is just the one I use, but any devotion is a great way to start or end your day in God’s Word


I hope you enjoyed this fall fashion post, I am also working on Life Lately part 2, and post about Change and all the craziness that it can bring to showcase more of the recent, awesome stuff going on in Ghana!img_0373



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