Life Lately part 2


Good morning and welcome to Life Lately part 2… if you missed out on the other posts

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As I share these pictures I want to thank everyone for their sweet messages on my quick visit home! It means so much to hear from you whether its a text or email! The encouragement and support means the world to me. I am blessed to share my journey with so many people who have become apart of it! I’m posting from New York, but reflecting on the past two months with more behind the scenes from PNN, so enjoy as we travel to Village of Hope in Ghana! If you are new here and want to learn more about the non-profit I started read more here.



Beautiful view of the back of our children’s home! There are local communities that live behind this physicality and we enjoy waving to them when we climb up to the apartments on the third floor. (Where this pic was taken) This is one of my favorite spots in the Village to just have a moment to appreciate this beautiful country I now call home.img_1312

Snapshot of a new and exciting project in the making! img_1305

On Monday nights I do a bible study with our lovely ladies. On this particular night we took our devotion from Matthew chapter 6. We focused on the part that speaks about not worrying, and trusting that our God will always take care of us.img_1296

We start and end our devotion with a song, on this night we were practicing our God is an Awesome God with some small hand gestures!


Auntie Meg! My senior year roommate in high school! We got so close and have become like sisters ever since. About a year ago I spoke with her on the phone about my upcoming move to Ghana, and Meg was so excited and wanted to join! As God would have it she spent a month working with me at PNN and was such a love and light to our children. I love this picture that was taken during one of our epic soccer matches!


Here is Sarah, Meg and Alberta. These girls & guys (not pictured) love their Auntie Meg so much! Alberta tells us that Auntie Meg is her best friend, and she is totally right about that 🙂img_1358

School pickup with our beautiful twins Paulina& Paula! When these girls first came to PNN they were so quiet, shy and never really smiled. It didn’t take much time at all before they opened up! They are always smiling, laughing, singing or dancing! They are a joy to watch and be with, their story inspires me as I too see how God builds us up even when we are at our lowest points.

Here is a clip from our Friday night worship! These kids have come to learn every word in Mighty to Save, here is a clip of the twins dancing! These girls inspire me!


These kids crack me up, you never know what to expect at a school pickup. On this particular day they had bubbles so we took turns seeing who was the best.

What bus ride wouldn’t be complete without a #selfie? I have about 30 from this 10 minute bus ride.


Unpacking the bus for the day. After school the kids grab their lunch boxes, change out of uniform,  wash their clothes, play, relax, watch some TV or read before dinner and homework!img_1523

You can find Kasme on the soccer field every day after school, this kid is active and a great soccer player! Simon on the right always ends up falling asleep for some time before you see him shooting some baskets!

In September I had a visit from my sister!!! I was so excited because it was her first time in Ghana! Pictured above is my sister Cristie and Eddy! They really got so close and he always says he will marry Aunite Cristie! It was safe to say it didn’t take more than an hour for her to fall in love with our kids and vice versa. Watching the kids latch on to her, embrace her and want to be around her as quickly as they did was amazing to watch. We had so much fun with dance parties, movie nights, and games outside. Yet my favorite memory was playing in the rain with the kids. Not like a drizzle but a downpour, we had so much fun and eventually had to call everyone inside to change and get in dry clothes. My sister and I still talk about how much fun it was, and even when it rains like that now, I still feel as if we are missing Cristie even more.img_1286img_1292

Enjoying the sunshine before dinner. Here is Junior 🙂 He just turned six!


oh DaeDae, this girl is something else! What is better than lunch on the beach? Ask DaeDae and she will tell you! Going in the water with her friends!


These two didn’t leave the shore, they stayed playing in the small waves all day. Some of our other kids spent the whole day in the ocean…img_1167

Our boys enjoyed some beach futbol! Right around sunset, what could top this Saturday outing?


My view on the ride home! Almost the whole bus fell asleep! The beach really wore us out!img_1529


After the beach we hit some traffic and didn’t get home until 7 pm. The kids were so tired and just went to sleep. The property was so tranquil and peaceful so I snapped some pictures of this very rare moment. I was in awe of God’s beauty, taking in evening sky and appreciating all of the amazing changes in my life. Also realizing I had about week left until I was going back to NY.

Enjoying some time coloring! There was cupcakes but the kids ate them so fast I didn’t even get to capture it! Lol! I have to bring back way more cake mix this time around 😉


Kasme told me he was building Jesus and Mary’s house! The best part is it had wheels! Such a precious moment.img_1583

Calvin showing off his drawings! He is so creative and has so many gifts, like singing! This kid is an amazing singer.

I wanted to snap some pics of my journey home! I was so tired so I kept sleeping and waking up at different spots so I thought it would be funny to see where I would wake up. First I woke up at the tip of the western part of the African continent, just leaving Africa. Then I woke up right smack in the middle of the Atlantic, and lastly right over NYC! There you have it! Was a very different Halloween than I had ever experienced,much different than Halloween in Chapel Hill, yet one of the most memorable!

One of our board members ran in the NYC Marathon in honor of raising money and awareness for our children at PNN and for orphans! This was an amazing accomplishment that we feel blessed to be apart of! Thank you on behalf of our children for dedicating yourself to our cause! May God bless your hard work!

Ciao for now 🙂 I woke up wanting to share this particular verse

Pslam 126:2

Our mouths were filled with laughter,

our tongues with songs of joy.

Then it was said among the nations,

“The Lord has done great things for them.”

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