Family Friday 

For anyone who didn’t know November is adoption month! This is a time for us to reflect on how far PNN has come and how we are no longer a concept we are a reality! Lives are being CHANGED! As one of our girls Sarah says “God is too good!” She is so right! 

We can celebrate adoption and how God has brought home over 22 children into our care! We can celebrate Friday and knowing our children are celebrating the weekend! We can celebrate their ability to laugh and smile and ENJOY their home lives after school! We can celebrate that they can verbalize who God is to them, and what He has done in their lives! How He has provided all that they need, all that they never thought they could have. 

God is amazing … that being said it also is a month to remember all the kids who DO NOT have a home or family. And let me tell you that all kids need families, they thrive in families, so if it is anyone’s heart to consider sponsoring a children and adopting them by prayer or finincial support we are launching a sponsorship program soon! If it is on anyone’s heart to consider adoption (this isn’t for everyone) I would really hope that you’d pray about it and think about the 140 million children out there with no hope, love or family. You might not be able to help all, but you can help ONE and by helping ONE you help the world. 

I came across this in the airport and thought it was beautiful and something I needed to include in this post. I don’t know where you are reading this or what God has put on your heart, whether it’s adoption or not, or something completely different or out of your comfort zone. I don’t know but God does, He’s the one who put that desire there. Don’t feel afraid, because a beautiful journey can only begin with a single step. Take it from someone who is learning this It’s truly a lesson we will never stop learning. It’s a lesson that God teaches us time and time again. 

I remember stepping foot in Africa and thinking to myself what are you doing God, where are you taking me. Little did I know those initial steps lead to a thousand times a thousand mile journey that has just begun. 

Whatever it is that you are fearful of, scared of taking the first step trust God and do it. You might miss out if you don’t take one small step forward. In the direction He is leading. 

So consider these children in your thoughts and prayers because God tells us he will not leave us as Orphan’s he will come for us, and that he has done for our 22 children, with more on the way!!

Today I chose to celebrate Gods goodness in our kids lives, and I chose to use my voice for the millions of other children with NO family. Let their voice be heard and remember them wherever they are. 

We have a big God who works in wonderful ways, never let anything overwhelm you when we know who sits on the throne in heaven. 

On that note! Happy Friday! I am missing my kids so much today but ….

coffee tastes better on Friday! Especially when your heading down to North Carolina to see these girls … 

enjoy your weekend! I know I will 😉 


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