Your destination is never final 

Today I packed up my bags, loaded them into the van, hugged my children goodbye for a little while and set off with my dad for South Africa. As the van drove up the red dirt hill away from the site I saw there little faces, until we turned onto the main road. It hit me, as it always does, that I have really been “living in Africa.” I don’t think this is something I will ever wrap my small mind around. We serve a God whose plans are bigger than ours, whose ways are higher than ours, and who gives dreams that seem impossible, only by achieving the impossible through his glory. 6 and a half years ago, this was all a dream, a concept and now it is a reality, children’s realities and home who before now had nothing and no one. Again, I cannot wrap my small human brain around that either. 

Watching the plane descend into the sky as we drifted through the clouds, watching the large city buildings become smaller and smaller, and seeing Ghana in the distance as we turned over the Atlantic Ocean I felt a sense of peace that God has me exactly where he wants me. I am his, and nothing can remove me from the palm of his hand. I grabbed my journal and spent the first hour of the flight just writing everything down to document and keep these precious and exciting moments. I feel asleep on the flight and woke up somewhere over Namibia thinking about how excited I was to be traveling around this beautiful continent. Your destination is never final, that means no matter what in life there is always room to grow, learn, keep gaining wisdom and knowledge, grow deeper in your faith, and explore. 

One thing I always told my parents was I never wanted to be comfortable, I never wanted a life where I wasn’t being challenged by my circumstances, and felt no reason to push forward. What that means is I never wanted to live a “normal life” I never desired to just exist by completing the same task over and over again without seeing some changes made on this earth. 

What I am asking you to consider this year is to see your destination (whatever or where ever it is) as never final, don’t accept complaceny, push to better yourself and your world everyday. We all have been created for something beyond ourselves, beyond our own abitlies, only to be used as vessels so God gets ALL the glory!

When God has you where he wants you, he will equip you with peace. Perfect peace that surpasses all human fears or logic. You cannot run before you walk, you cannot jump somewhere or take up a task if God himself did not speak it into existence for your life! Don’t miss out on being used for him! You will make a difference for eternity!  

God wants us to be in a state of being completely dependent on him. So much so that he can continue to mold, shape and move us to be more like Jesus, more like who he created us to be like. God would never call someone to something without equipping them. I know I am where I need to be because I have peace, and no fear. A lot of people ask me if I am scared to be living in Africa. The truth is no. I am not scared, what scares me more is living a life with no passion. So never see your destination as final and ask God to move in your life in HIS perfect timing and he will equip you when your surrender yourself and your life into his hands. 

Love from Dev 

in South Africa 😉 

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