oh, to be loved by you


Oh, to be loved by you.

This is not a Valentine’s post, we’re just talking about love 😉 The greatest love of all time. It’s kind of a big deal, its something to get excited about, something we will never stop getting excited about. 

I believe that our culture loves love. Loves to think about love, finding the perfect love. We sing about it in our music, we watch it unfold in our TV shows and movies. We are kind of surrounded by it. Kind of obsessed with it.

So many people can have a distaste for holidays that embrace and celebrate love, and finding your perfect soul mate. It is the one day that all single people across the country, second think being single, and start to base their worth on that.(Come one now, you can’t tell me at one point or Valentine’s day that wasn’t you!) And that is okay;)

I think we have all understood that for time to time. I have been guilty of putting these false hopes in some relatioships from time to time. The funny part is even during this relationship on valentines day I wasn’t fufilled on the “love we shared.”Because no amount of chocolate, roses or sweet cards can truly fill our souls. Keep reading to understand why. Because even people aren’t the true lovers of our souls. Jesus is.

We want to put pressure on ourselves that our worth comes from love, love with the right person. With the right relationship. It can put pressure on those without partners, and maybe the ones that do, question if their love is “good enough” if this is in fact their soul mate. We so desperately think the answer or fix to the empitness or void deep down is finding the right one. And even when we do, we still might feel that empitness. Here is a little secret, one that we learn over and over, day after day. If you put your everything in others, they will fail you, they will never fill you.

Only God can do that. And we are on the journey to discover his love each and everyday.

Luckily we aren’t here to discuss those topics, were just here to talk about the greatest love of all.

Love. I’m not even sure I completely understand what exactly love is. How to show unconditional love. Why. Because I am human. I have flaws, I have shortcomings, I make mistakes, do I really know unconditional love? I’d like to think that I do. When I think of complete unconditional love I think about God. His perfect love.

We are sinners, we make mistakes, every day. We have selfish natures, we are concerned with things that don’t matter in the long run. We can produce evil and wrong thoughts, sometimes even actions. We all  make big mistakes, but every sin is the same. No sin is greater than the other. And maybe it is easier for us to convince ourselves that well I haven’t done this, or done that, so that makes me a good person. And we all know that good people go to heaven for doing things. Which is not true. 

We have the opportunity to go to heaven based solely on God’s sacrifice of his only son. Lets stop here. Sacrifice, that might be hardest thing to do or understand. I don’t have children so I could not even imagine, but I can try.

Purely out of LOVE. Perfect love. Perfect sacrifice, perfect reason and purpose.

We love to watch these films, hear these songs singing about soul mates, about love, being in love finding love. When maybe, just maybe our perfect love, is right in front of us.

A love so deep that we will spend our entire life just trying to understand. A love that loves so deep through all our flaws, mistakes, shortcomings, and selfishness. A love that will never fail you, will never leave you. A love that will stand by you, and uphold you with his righteous right hand. A love that sees who exactly you are. Who knows every thought and has each hair on your head numbered. And loves you regardless. There is nothing you could ever do from stopping or preventing this perfect love.

People fail us, everyday. Issues and temptations of the flesh arise, and we fall short. People can be untrustworthy, unfaithful, selfish, they might hurt you. I’m sure at some point we have ALL been hurt by others. God will never hurt us, ever.

But there is a love far greater than this. A love so perfect that it will cast out all fears. A love so great that died on a cross just so you could have the choice to live. He loved you so much he left this choice in your hands. And it is up to you.

Oh, to be loved by you.

John 15:13

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”


3 thoughts on “oh, to be loved by you

  1. Devon, I am reminded of when someone in abusive relationship after abusive relationship finally finds the “right” person. They often say, “I have at last found something REAL.”

    Maybe the same is true of the objects and things we all long for: they are attractive but ultimately imperfect representations of true love, which is what God alone offers us. Do you agree??


    1. “they are attractive but ultimately imperfect representations of true love, which is what God alone offers us. Do you agree??”
      To respond to your comment, yes I agree. I think we have desire for things that may or may not always be representations of true love. I think it is easy for any of us to believe that, when no love, person or relationship is ever perfect. What God offers us is true and perfect love! So we need to put our trust and all in him, because people will always fail us, no one is perfect. That being said it shouldn’t stop us from being in a relationship or trusting people because God created us with the intention of being together, but we shouldn’t translate that true love to be the end all, be all for our souls.


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