how fast do you collect sea shells?


Kind of a random title I know, but last night as I lay my head to sleep knowing it was my last night before I packed up and started the journey back to Africa. Memories with the kids started to replay in my mind like a movie, keeping me up later than I expected.

And for some reason I thought about taking the kids to the beach and collecting sea shells. It was maybe our third or fourth time going to the beach together, and I noticed none of the kids were interested in collecting sea shells. This was such a big part of my memories of my childhood with my brother, sister and parents. I wanted to introduce my kids to this as well.

I took Alberta and Rockson by the hand and starting pointing out the beautiful little broken shells in the midst of the waves and shore. When the wave pulled back we could clearly see all the little white and orange shells. We started walking hand in hand down the beach until ten other of the kids joined us. Some running, some walking slowly, some sitting plopped down in the sand searching in the area where they were. It kind of made my laugh as I found myself chasing one of our kids who had started to jog from shell to shell bringing him further down the beach. He was so excited about seeking and finding these shells. When I stopped myself and noticed how we each have our own way of looking for the beautiful and sometimes broken pieces in life. Pieces that remain right around us, far away or just a few steps away.

It made me think of our paces, and journeys and how they are all so unique and beautiful. How nothing is the same, and no one will ultimately find the same treasures, how God has something in store for us in his timing whether we decide to seek it or not. Regardless it is there, even if it remains undiscovered.

There is so many beautiful things to seek out from the Lord who has everything lined up for us. Sometimes it is right in front of us, and it takes searching for him to find it. Sometimes its uncovered and sometimes it takes chasing the waves and waiting for them to cease while we run quickly to grab it. Or maybe it takes reaching out to a friend and asking for guidance and direction to point you along the search. However it looks for you, I’d encourage you to seek him in all that you do.

Whether your running down the shore excitedly looking for him, sitting down right where you are, asking a friend to take your hand and help you along the way and point you in the right direction, or slowly walking alone along the shore praying you see a sign from him to know he’s there. I promise he has something so unique that no one else would find other than you.

So, how fast do you collect sea shells?

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13 

Don’t miss out on what he has waiting for you, seek him with all of your heart and he will NOT fail  you, he has something so unique and special for you whether you choose to find it or not, it is there.

You are all loved,


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