a story of rain, a new thing and full circles

I was reading through my drafts this morning and came across this post. The reason why I am posting this is simple. That “new thing” I was praying for despite even knowing “why” unfolded in God’s timing and I can look back a couple of months ago knowing what I know today and smile. I love these full circle moments.

I also included another full circle moment for one of my best friends that unfolded for her after praying and feeling a burden on her heart for a place thousands of miles away as well that she called home for a long time.

I love the journey for these moments for each of us and how they are so unique and different. So here is a blog post from a late rainy January night in Ghana in early 2017 and I never published:) Enjoy

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

Isaiah 43:19

As 2017 came, and the first month was honestly weeks of struggles, storms and battles I prayed that God would do a “new thing” in me, in the ministry, in this country, in this world. Some of you might be wondering what exactly this “new thing” is, and I cannot even answer other than I pray that God would do a new thing inside my heart, creating me, molding me, breaking me down, stripping me down to be built back up more in his image.

Right now in Ghana we are in the “dry season” in my opinion it is just less humid but much hotter, I cannot tell which one is worse 😉 basically it is like mixture of New York Summer and North Carolina’s humidity creating really bad hair days, and very sticky nights.

For anyone who doesn’t know much about these two “seasons” of weather here, the dry season there is typically no rain, it just doesn’t rain. Something really cool happened a couple of days ago that reminded me of God’s power and sovereignty and how in fact he is doing a “new thing”. Sometimes we feel trapped in a situation and pray scratching our heads if we are being heard on the other side. Like constantly calling someone with no answer, we wonder if they see the missed calls. Waiting patiently, some of us angrily, confused as to why there is no response.

And then there is a breakthrough. The rain comes. It doesn’t just come, it pours.

This moment of a downpour, almost like a monsoon reminded me that in fact God will “open the floodgates of heaven, and let it rain, washing away the old, and bringing forth the new.” And as the rain violently came and went within minutes, as the winds made the palm trees sway and everything got drenched I felt completely at peace watching the rain violently fall from inside my house with some of the kids, watching the intensity of the rain bring cleansing to the place. Hearing the power of rain hit the rooftop, watching the water slide down the windows like small and powerful rivers. We all just sat in silence watching the power and intensity of the rain from inside the house.

I felt like God was showing me that through a season of dryness, weariness, hopelessness or whatever else there is, surely he will make a way when there is no way and he will open the floodgates of heaven. Just like how no one expects rain in the dry season, it sure did come down. Just how sometimes we are waiting, being patient wondering when or how something will happen, and then there is a breakthrough.

Let it rain.



Speaking about these full circle moments one of my best friends Desiree has returned to her first home for a month to work at a nonprofit and work with youth in Kyrgyzstan.

We met in high school after bio class ended and she was one of the first people to introduce herself and make me feel welcomed. We also sat together at dinner in the dining hall and since have been best friends! What makes Desi so special is her heart and how she is a beautiful person from the inside out. She’s one of those people who truly listens, and listens well and cares about you all the time. Desi has a light and love for people and life that is contagious, and she has a servants heart for the Lord.

For anyone who knows or doesn’t know the youth face a lot of troubles where she is now and Desi has felt called to be a light and learn more about the issues so she can make an impact in the best way possible and spread awareness. Please join me in prayer for her as she embarks on this journey and does a “new thing!”

You can also follow her journey as she is blogging along the way (click link below)

Desiree’s Blog


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