preparing my heart for the next adventure

I wanted to share this with you before I start my journey into a part of the world that I never really wanted to go, or had a desire to visit. Ever. Does that sound harsh? I know we all have those places or parts of the world that we don’t think we’ll ever go, but never say never 😉 

A year ago this trip was mentioned to my dad and I, he asked me if I’d like to go. Immediately I said no, I’m not interested in traveling there. I have a heart for Africa and orphans, that isn’t really where I am comfortable. Little did I know that God was going to change my heart, and show me that our passions are not limited to places or people groups, the same love God gives us for one place is for the world, sometimes it takes a little time (his timing) to understand that. 

Months had passed, we rang in a new year, I was busy in Ghana and this trip never crossed my mind. I was home for three weeks packing before I was traveling to Greece with my family and friends. It was on that trip that God did something amazing. Something he perfectly appointed.  

My time in Greece was coming to an end, and what happened completely caught me off guard. I was in Mykonos with my friends. We went out to a later dinner (like midnight!) because Mykonos is a very late island, families, young children are out and about to 2 am! It’s so awesome how lively the place is and how causal it is. After dinner around 2 am my friends and I went out and around 4 am we were making our way to our last stop when I encountered 2 children who would change my life forever.  I just didn’t know it yet. 

I saw these precious beautiful children in the street. At this point all the younger families had left. They were selling glow in the dark bracelets. They looked exhausted. As I watched them and we approached closer I realized, they were gypsy children. I immediately ran to them and spoke the little Greek that I could. From what I understood they were exhausted, they were siblings and they needed to sell their bracelets all night. My friend Cate bought us all a bracelet and my friends went to the next place. I couldn’t get these children out of my mind, my heart was breaking, I was trying not to cry. God was doing something, God had a divine appointment for me in Mykonos at that very hour. 

I went back outside to just be with them. I told them they were beautiful and the little girl looked at me like she’d never been told that before, she said no you are beautiful. I told them I would never forget them and I would pray for them. 

The next day I was online reading all about gypsies. I read about their lives and how most governments barely recognize their rights or provide any assistance. Some websites said they are treated worse than animals. God was doing something, he was breaking my heart for gypsies, I had seen so I was now accountable for what I had experienced. I thank God for those two precious children.

I texted my dad that morning telling him I felt lead to be apart of the trip that was traveling to work in gypsy camps in September. I told him that God had shown me that the love of Christ is for all people across the world, there is no distance too far, there is no people group that is too low for him to reach. Christs love is for all. 

I prayed about it for months before I gave an offical yes. Here I am at JFK preparing my heart for what God has in store for me in The Ukraine. I am traveling with Orphans Promise who originally started there. I think it’s been 10 years since it began! I cannot wait to experience a new part of the world and see all the amazing projects and programs that Orphans Promise has put in place. 

If you feel lead would you lift our group up in prayer as we set off to be the hands and feet of Christ in the Ukraine. I’ll be updating you as much as I can during my time there! 

I am so excited and thankful for this God adventure. It is so true when they say if you say yes to God you’ll never imagine where he will take you. How true this is today, I hope we all learn to keep on saying yes to God, to keep putting aside what may be a comfortable for us. God is waiting for us to say yes, and then he’ll take it from there! The same way God used two beautiful gypsy children in Greece to speak to me, he is putting things in your life to speak to you! Sometimes we don’t realize that it is him, but it is, God’s timing is perfect and he will never stop pursuing us!

You are all loved, 


next stop Ukraine ! 

1 John 4:7-8 

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

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