family + freedom and love 

This photo captures so much in eyes. I see my family. I see a family that God has perfectly knit together in his beautiful timing. I see answers to the prayers of my childhood. Each child, each face, each story, each future as unique and powerful because it points back to our Lord and what he is capable of doing in one life. 
 We truly are one big family. When we are not together we remain together in spirit and in prayer. I can say that I see them only growing more mature, wise, smart and kind each passing day. Their futures are so bright, these very faces are the future of Africa. 

There are so many powerful things I would like to share that the Lord has done on this 4 acre land plot which the Lord saved to be used for his kingdom for such a time as this. I see how this small vision has exploded to give others visions. Others who come and stay with us for a week, the ones who call this place home, the staff, partners, donors, family and friends. I see the way God takes a small vision and multiples it to something much bigger than we could even imagine possible. 

We have become family. Yesterday I saw something from a young boy who first came to our home with so much trauma. He was scared of everything. He’d just scream all the time. He was constantly tormented. It was almost impossible to console him during those episodes. We didn’t know how to help him, it seemed like anything we did he did the opposite. He didn’t get along with anyone, and was very diffucult to be with. I prayed and felt the Lord speak to my heart. Just love him. Those were the Words the Lord spoke to my heart. It wasn’t about “trying to do something special” or “trying something which a psychologist would suggest” it was simple. It’s what Christ does best. Love

Through months of pouring into this child, loving him. Whether that came in the form of a hug, just holding him like an infant despite the fact that he was 9 at the time, an affirmation or spending time one on one in God’s word his wall start to come down. He would actually ask me to hold him like a baby since no one had ever done that for him. He just wanted to be held and feel accepted and loved. He was fearing less and less, he screamed less and less. One day he accepted Christ in chapel. Then his walls came tumbling down. Behind the walls of torment and trauma was life, beautiful joyful intelligent and talented life. There was heart and compassion. There he was, the boy God created him to be. Shining joy,  beaming happiness and confidence and a quite the sense of humor! 

I remember the first time he danced. When I saw this child danced I cried. I saw the true freedom that he gained through Christ. The beautiful freedom that we enter into. I saw chains drop, I saw complete adandoment in Christ’s perfect freedom. I started to see him run and laugh. Hearing his laugh brought me to tears. This is what Christ does for us. He sets us free, through his love, as we are no longer orphans and are adopted into his family. 

Now he so is confident, bold, secure and the trauma of his past has left him. He dreams of becoming a pastor. From a child who never got along with anyone now has taken the role of loving the little ones. Although he is only 10 I see the way he is attentive to their needs. One of our four year olds cried yesterday and he was the first one to pick her up, wipe her tears away and comfort her. This is what God calls us to do because we are all one family. To love the way he loved us. Love. 

Love changes everything. Love is everything. 

Belonging in a family changes everything. Family is everything. 

Blessed to share these stories as testimonies of God’s love and goodness and his faithfulness for whom the world calls “the least of these.” 

Just wanted to share this story with everyone. God is love, and he calls us to love each other the way he loves us. Have a blessed day.

You are all loved,

From a very happy girl in Ghana, Africa 

One thought on “family + freedom and love 

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