Seeds and ripple effects

I’m currently sitting in the airport in Orlando Florida, amazed, humbled and excited to see how God continues to grow and expand this vision, bringing new faces and lives into it for his glory.

I was invited to speak at a middle school in Orlando last year and came not knowing what would come of it. The kids reacted to my story in such a sincere and powerful way it left them and their amazing faculty saying what more can we do? It almost served of a call to action as I shared my story starting with taking a small step of faith to Africa for the first time to visit the wells not knowing what would come of it.

I visited the school and spoke getting time to spend time with the students. I am completely blown away by their compassion and the way it has lead them, hearing from them I have no doubt God is raising up mighty leaders coming from this school in Orlando who are fostered by faculty that truly love, encourage and support their students. You can feel it, and you can see the fruits of their labor in the lives and hearts of their students.

These kids decided that they were not too young to make a difference, so they planned for a walk for a well! Hoping, some doubting if they could raise 5,000 for a larger water system, through the hard work of parents, students and faculty who were passionately committed to help change lives through the love of Christ they raised 3 times the original amount!!!

3 times what they planned for!!!

That is our God, he does more and more and more!!! We cannot out-give our father when we give to things that please him. Today I had the chance to travel back, speak and see the students who are clearly a generation of world changers. We heard from one of the middle schoolers who shared how he wasn’t sure if they could do it and they did way above anyone imagined! He spoke on behalf of his peers and was proud that a group of middle schoolers have the chance to make a difference in the world and they did it! For the glory of God. He spoke about their chance to be kind and generous to change lives and represent Christ.

I shared what the Lord put on my heart, how humbled I was to see the continuous ripple effects of this once small vision. I spoke of the seeds they each have planted, how one day they will stand before the Lord and see from the other side the lives that were transformed through their response to a call to make a difference. I encouraged them that this seed they planted for the glory of God will never stop growing, and the effects it will have for Gods kingdom is unlike anything they could imagine!

Other groups and schools heard about this and now are starting to say well if they did it, we can too! This group in Florida is sparking a movement among the youth to be a generation of world changers! Their actions inspired other groups of young people! Their response is sparking a movement, and the beautiful part is they probably don’t even realize that.

I spoke to them saying they should never forget this moment in their lives and should allow it to pave the path of planting seeds for Gods kingdom in all that they do, to whatever he calls them. Would you be a generation that responds? Would you be a generation that cares enough to make a difference for God’s glory.

I’m honestly humbled sitting here seeing how God will NEVER stop growing and expanding this vision, and as time goes more people rally around this vision and uplift and support what started with an adventure to Africa with my dad, no thoughts of what God had in store for us.

When you say YES to God get ready because it will be much more than what you could ever imagine, it’s far wilder than any dream you have, and it’ll never stop growing for his glory. It starts with a step.

My dad also traveled with me and he spoke and thanked everyone who was involved. He told the students that when he looked out at the group of young people he saw Devon. What he meant was he saw some young person who had a hunger and desire to make a difference, he encouraged them to tell their story, share what God has done through their efforts and hard work, not knowing what will come of this! Tell their story and realize the impact they have created.

It’s amazing to see the ripple effects and how more and more young people are catching this vision, it’s inspiring and exciting to be on this God adventure, one in which is much wilder than anything I could have ever imagined!!

To say yes to God and to surrender your wants, hopes and dreams to him, just see what he will do! It will blow your mind.

This is a simple reminder seeing a group of young people in Orlando Florida make a difference, it’s so exciting to see how they were a group that responded to a call in which was presented to them.

God is SO good and he longs to do good deeds for humankind, he is just looking for the ones who will say YES! Let’s be those people today, tomorrow and forever because he is worthy of everything we can offer and surrender to him!

If you told me all that would have followed that trip to Ghana almost eight years ago I would have NEVER believed you, but that is OUR God! Looking out at the many young faces with hopes and dreams of their own I am reminded of all the lives that will be like flaming arrows in the hands of the Lord, the lives that lay it down in his hands, saying wherever you send me, I’m in your hands, not knowing where it’ll land, just knowing it’s greater than what they could imagined. A generation of world changers sat before me today. I am so thankful for each one of them.

Thanks for reading, you are all loved!

Time to leave the sunshine and head back to the cold!! Lol


2 thoughts on “Seeds and ripple effects

  1. Wow…… this is so wonderful! That’s an incredible amount for middle school.
    I work in a middle school and we raised $2,000 for Puerto Rico and $1,500 for Texas.

    Beautiful pics! I love the one with the children and holding the



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