Created with Purpose




This word is one the Lord has continued to speak to my heart, almost echoing inside my inner being wanted to share it with the world. To tell each person that they are Created with Purpose by a God who loves them and sent his only begotten son to die for them because they have such value and purpose here on earth.

John 3:16

Through PNN we have made a “Created with Purpose” T-shirt to be sold (today!!!) for our work in Ghana. All proceeds will continue to expand our work to rescue the most vulnerable children and place them in families where they belong. I have seen what this message can do, I have seen how it changes lives and instills hope back into the hopeless. The word purpose is a powerful one, and it brings the lost to life.

Whether you were born in New York City or Africa God has a purpose for your life! I encourage you to check the t-shirt out, support our cause, buy a shirt and wear this message hoping it’ll spark conversations with strangers or give it to a friend or family member for the upcoming holidays.

I gave one to someone I didn’t really know and the next time I saw them he was wearing it and told me how people were reading this shirt and started to talk to him about what it meant. It really brought joy that the message of God’s love and purpose is being shared! Here is the link , the shirts come in charcoal and maroon, I would love to see how you rock the t-shirt, our children in Ghana seem to be loving them already!

click here to shop t-shirts!

My prayer for these t-shirts is that this message would be more than just a t-shirt with a saying. That this saying is from the Lord and carries significance to everyone who reads it. It would either spark conversation or have people see that they matter and are created with purpose. I pray that this encourages the lost or hopeless, and reminds us even on our toughest days that God has a plan for us. That is my prayer as these t-shirts go out as they are being sold.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I got to have my best friends come up from North Carolina, I haven’t seem them since June! Being together felt like no time has passed and soon it’ll be the New Year. This time of year always flies by too fast.

Have a wonderful week and thanksgiving! How are you celebrating the holiday?

We have so much to be thankful for 🙂

You are all loved, and created with PURPOSE!


This is Rockson rocking the maroon t-shirt. He is so sweet and has such a humble and kind spirit. He came into our care with so much hurt and loss in his life, but God restored and healed his deepest wounds. Rockson dreams of becoming a pastor and soccer player. He loves this t-shirt and it’s message 🙂 We hope you do too!


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